Learn a little more about the Women and Children’s Centre in Calais

Today we want to tell you more about the Women and Children’s Centre, a sanctuary in the midst of the camp and a warm, safe and welcome place for women and kids to spend time. Here they can find information, guidance, support workers, female friendly medical clinics, classes, social activities, as well as being the only place in the camp for distribution of women’s clothes, shoes, sanitary products, nappies and cosmetics.

It’s imminent bulldozing will bring about the loss of one of the most invaluable services in the Calais camp.

Here’s the words of a wonderful Afghan woman, a teacher and translator who has been living in the camp for 4 months with her 4 kids (aged 5-14) one of whom she adopted during the war 7 years ago:

”When I first came to the camp, I heard about the Women’s Centre from a group of men I was staying nearby to. The people at the centre were so very friendly, and they said I could stay there until they found me a caravan. I remember Ellen who worked there she was so kind, I’ll never forget her. Even now, she’s living in Germany, but she always sends messages to me, asks me how I am. Liz who runs it is a strong woman, very good to all people in the camp. I don’t go to the centre all the time anymore because I am so busy helping with translations, but now I will go there on Mondays for the distribution, and my daughters help out volunteering at other places in the camp with translation. I like to help people in the camp. The Women’s Centre is the most important place of information for women. There’s no way for women to get information if something happens to them, it’s the best place to go … helpful for all the people. All the women here if life is boring they can go there. But most important is the guidance – more than the distribution, or being able to wash our clothes and being able to go and talk with the others. Our hearts just become empty otherwise.”

We can help you help women and children like the family above. Donate via this link below: https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/helprefugees

the Calais Women and Children's Centre

We would not be able to do our work without your support and kindness. Many of the refugees we help are fleeing the conflict zones of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Others are trying to escape political oppression in countries like Eritrea. All are human beings like us. As well as providing immediate physical assistance, we want to help refugees maintain their dignity.

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