Latest Calais Census

The Help Refugees latest census has revealed that there are now a staggering 9,106 people living in the Calais camp.

This is the highest number recorded since we have been conducting the monthly census, showing that the population has increased by 29% since early July.

There are currently 865 children living in the Jungle. 78% of them are alone. This is the highest number of unaccompanied children relying on our services to date.

The Dubs Amendment was passed in May 2016. Since then no unaccompanied refugee child has been resettled in the UK under this law.

For the first time people are reporting to the volunteer medical services saying that they are hungry. The camp is running out food.

Our census also surveyed 36 shops and restaurants. On average, each one serves as emergency accommodation for 4 newly arrived people during the night, totalling 252 places to stay every night.
30 people charge their phones in each one every day, totalling 2124 people who can keep in contact with their family on a daily basis.
12 free meals and food items are served daily in each restaurant – this totals 857, includes 200 free meals a day for unaccompanied minors in the Jungle Books Café.

The restaurants and shops are a source of food, a space for the vulnerable, and a community space – somewhere that you could sit and talk over a cup of tea in a safe environment.

Forcibly removing this positive aspect of life in the camp at a time when the number of residents is increasingly so rapidly is seriously affecting our ability to provide even one meal a day for everyone.

The Welcome Caravan was forced to close this week as we have run out of sleeping bags and tents. There are 500 new arrivals each week, about 70 a day. This forces people to sleep rough in a dangerous and inhumane environment.

No one wants to live in the camp in Calais. Help Refugees, alongside our partner L’auberge des migrants international, are to doing everything that we can to make the situation more bearable.

What we need most: 1. Food 2. Tents

To donate physical goods to Calais email:

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