Tragically, two days ago a boat arrived at Palermo port with 1000 people on. 7 refugee deaths have been recorded on the journey, 5 of whom were women.

One refugee told us about his terrifying journey on a wooden boat with holes in the bottom, which was sinking by the time they were rescued. 3 of the dead were on his boat, one of them a woman who had drowned in the water the boat was taking in.

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What are NGOs failing to provide?

NGOs responsible for informing refugees of their rights explain in English the complex asylum seeking procedure before handing out leaflets. Most people cannot hear, many cannot read and do not speak English.

Exhausted and still traumatised from their journey, they struggle to take in this new and complicated information. They don’t yet know it’s very likely that this will be the only time they will be helped to understand their rights.

What are we doing to help?

We are working with a drop-in project in Palermo which works with vulnerable migrants and refugees to fill the gap left by the international organisations failing them.

They support people with things like accessing their rights to protection and accommodation, and preparing for asylum interviews.

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