Goodbye to two incredible volunteers: Sian & Sean

We’re so sad to say goodbye to Sian and Sean, two of our most incredible volunteers.

They joined us in Greece back in the autumn of 2016; Sean put his remarkable range of building and carpentry skills to use in the workshop, while Sian coordinated the delivery of aid to over 20 camps in the region. Their humour, warmth and hard graft kept many of us going through the bitterly cold winter.

Then they joined our team in Serbia. From improving hygiene and sanitation in the grim smokiness of Belgrade’s ‘Barracks’ squat, to unblocking sewage pipes in Serbia’s under-resourced official camps; to coordinating the work of groups in the region and supporting a young refugee artist with an exhibition that ended with the President of Serbia offering the artist and his family citizenship: their work has improved lives.

We’re sad to say goodbye, but we know Sian and Sean will keep spreading love wherever they go. Thank you both!