Refugee Rescue saved 68 lives in just one day off the coast of Greece

At 15.00 on the 18th of January one of the incredible search & rescue teams we help fund, Refugee Rescue, received a call letting them know there were two boats in trouble off the north of Lesbos.

The boats were carrying 68 refugees on board and when Refugee Rescue arrived they found a Frontex vessel shadowing the dingy. Pregnant women and the injured were put on board the vessel but everyone else was left on the dangerously overfilled dingy. With a 2-hour journey back to shore it was perilous, but these people are now safe.

Refugee Rescue are on the front lines every day, their compassion and determination are astounding and we are so proud to support them.

But we could not do this without you – it costs £50 to run a rescue boat on the water for an hour.

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