Heydon’s article in the Guardian – ‘Refugees need the supplies I brought. But respect is just as critical’

From the Guardian

Refugees need the supplies I brought. But respect is just as critical

Two weeks ago some friends and I decided to take supplies out to the refugees in Europe. We didn’t expect much of a response, suspecting that many in our nation seemed to believe the thousands of people risking their lives to get to Europe were doing so solely to ruin their package holidays.

A week later we had 30 volunteers loading 11 storage rooms’ worth of supplies on to an articulated lorry bound for the Greek-Macedonian border. As a fellow volunteer and I flew to the island of Kos with some of the £56k we’d raised I had a sudden, overwhelming feeling of love for my fellow humans (something few people experience on a Ryanair flight).

Our seven bags of supplies incurred no extra charge from a sympathetic check-in guy despite being 20kg over. When we got there we were met by two incredible German volunteers who took us to the main refugee camp – appropriately in a derelict hotel – that was being boarded up by the police as we arrived.

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Image: A Syrian girl with food handouts in Kos, photograph by Heydon Prowse

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