Help Refugees buys a new wheelchair for a young man who lost legs in airstrike in Syria

Yesterday,  Peter N. Bouckaert shared this –

Young Mohammed Bayas lost his legs in an airstrike in Syria and his father and friends carried him to safety in Germany.

Now he is stuck in a camp in East Germany without a wheelchair, in the village of Gera. He contacted me asking for help. Does anyone know of any organization that could provide a wheelchair for him?

Mohammed Bayas

Within less than 24 hours, we were able to commit to buying a wheelchair for Mohammed. This is your money in action! Your donations make a real and immediate difference to people like Mohammed. 

Peter‘s update today – 

Glad to let everyone know that my friend Oz Katerji‘s group Help Refugees has kindly agreed to buy a wheelchair for Mohammed Bayas. When Mohammed contacted me yesterday he was extremely depressed, and I told him we would find him a chair. His only response was “how?” and I told him to let us worry about that! We did it. Thank you all!

And for those who wanted to donate towards the wheelchair, please donate to Oz’s charity so we can help some others–I know of two others in the same situation. You can donate here:


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