The plight of child refugees is at the heart of this year’s Guardian and Observer charity appeal. Last year, the appeal was in aid of refugees, and they have returned to this theme again in what remains the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times.

This year, Help Refugees has been selected as one of the three Christmas charity partners, alongside Safe Passage (who we are proud to support) and The Children’s Society.

Children are being denied their childhood, either because bombs are falling on their homes or because they are stuck in deplorable camps. We will keep working on the ground directly as well as supporting the most effective grassroots groups whilst holding governments and NGOs to account.

We are a movement built on compassion and empathy. An incredible volunteer network and your boundless generosity allows us to provide child-friendly spaces, infant feeding programmes, support for families with food and shelter, integration projects, women and children’s centres, and advocacy and housing for unaccompanied minors.

Thank you so much for all your support. You are all Help Refugees.