Help Refugees would like to extend a huge Thank You to the organisers of the Help A Hundred effort. 
Their story is very similar to our own – three friends, Lauren, Tanya and Fran, came together and wanted to help refugees in any way they could. They set up a beautiful website, www.helpahundred.uk, and put on an event in their local pub, selling tickets to friends and family, as well as through the site.
They asked local artists to design a series of Christmas cards, and set up a BT MyDonate fundraiser page for any donations.
‘The HelpAHundred is about gathering the good will and generosity of the people within one city, to help make a difference to the lives of 100 less fortunate people.’
They aimed to raise £2000, ended up raising £6000!
After some discussion they decided they wanted to donate to 3 different areas:
1) Their funds paid for the transport costs of a container full of aid to be sent to Syria.
2) They contributed to Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People, the wonderful group connecting people to their loved ones.
3) Hearing about the freezing temperatures in Northern Greece, they contributed to the work of Get Shit Done Team (funded by Help Refugees), who have been upcycling tyre irons into wood-burning stoves and bringing firewood to the camps. The stoves not only provide some warmth, they are also great for cooking on.
Find out more about their work at www.HelpAHundred.uk
Twitter: @HelpAHundred
The cards are being sold on The Pool! Find them here.
Want to help, but not sure how?
This is a perfect example of a group of friends collaborating to tap into general public compassion. If everyone gives a little bit, you end up with a lot.
Email communityfundraising@helprefugees.org to find out more, and talk through your own fundraising ideas! 
These photos show the container of aid being packed up by the lovely volunteers at the Help Refugees/L’Auberge Des Migrants Calais warehouse

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