The Guardian and Observer 2016 has closed

Everything we do is only possible thanks to the compassion and humanity of the thousands of people who like us couldn’t stand by and do nothing in the face of the biggest humanitarian crisis since world war two.

We have been working tirelessly to fill gaps left in the provision of services left by governments and large NGOs. Our remit is expanding almost on a daily basis, funding everything from baby milk distribution to search and rescue. However we never lose sight of the long-term solutions needed for fairer treatment for displaced people.

We have only been able to achieve these incredible feats with the support of ordinary people.

We could not be more grateful to the 17,500 readers for their donations during the four-week appeal. The money will be shared between ourselves, Safe Passage and the Children’s Society. With the money donated we will be making a tangible difference to the lives of children living in camps across Europe.

Our co-founder Josie Naughton has been quoted in today’s Guardian: “This morning thousands of refugee children woke up in tents in sub-zero temperatures across Europe. Help Refugees will ensure the generous donations from the Guardian readers go towards improving the lives of these very children.

“Throughout the entire appeal, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support we have received and want to thank everyone who donated, as well as the Guardian and Observer.”

To find out how we will be putting this money to use follow our daily updates on here or on the news section of our website.

And don’t worry, if you weren’t able to donate to the Guardian appeal you still can help us with our much-needed work by donating using the big red button in the right hand corner of this page.