Guardian article on Susan Sarandon’s Christmas visit to Lesbos

The wonderful Susan Sarandon spent her Christmas break in Lesbos, meeting refugees and meeting many volunteers and organisations working on the island. One of the people she spent time with was Dr Linda, a wonderful medic Help Refugees has been proud to to support.

From the Guardian

Susan Sarandon’s Christmas with refugees: ‘I want to humanise the issue’

“I wanted to learn from the refugees, take their stories and somehow put them on the internet,” Sarandon told the Guardian (she wrote for the Huffington Post andRYOT from the Moria and Kara Tepe refugee camps in Lesbos). “My main goal was to humanise the issue and have them be real people, not politicise it.”

The call to action was born out of frustration from the dialogue in the US. “It seemed like people who had the loudest voices were the most xenophobic and un-American,” said Sarandon, a Unicef goodwill ambassador.

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