We apologise for having to bring you this news, and warn you of the disturbing nature of the content. Horrific reports are coming through of another chemical attack in Syria.

At least 58 have been killed, many of them children. The images we’ve seen in the aftermath are sickening.

Eyewitnesses have reported the chemical agents were dropped by airstrikes a few hours ago, the flying zone said to be one that both Russia and the Syrian regime use regularly in aerial bombardments, though no confirmation of exactly which aircraft carrying out the attack has been made. The nearby White Helmets Civil Defence Base was targeted, as well as the local hospital in Khan Sheikhoun that was treating patients.

It’s crucial that people are made aware of what is really happening and who is responsible.

We’ve set up a MyDonate page specifically to support our partners the Syrian Civil Defence, Hand in Hand and IDA, who are providing emergency medical aid in Syria. Please donate if you can https://mydonate.bt.com/…/syriaemergencymedicalrespo…/437282

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