Last year Amber Rudd and our government stepped up, momentarily, and committed to the Dubs Amendment. A bill offering refuge and a future to the most vulnerable unaccompanied refugee children in Europe.

The Home Office committed to talking to local councils to find out how many children we had the capacity to help. But when the consultation was done, local councils said the process was “chaotic”, “wholly inadequate”, “incorrect and incompetent” and “cursory to the point [they] didn’t even recognise what it was”.

What was the result?

The result… a cap far lower than that of Britain’s total capacity.

The government failed to do their job fairly and responsibly, and let down refugee children in Europe and the British public.

Because of the closure, thousands of unaccompanied children have been left to fend for themselves, vulnerable to abuse and trafficking.

As we wait for the decision from the High Court, we’re calling for donations to help the children who wait with us.

Please donate if you believe Britain can do more to help child refugees in Europe.

You can find out more about Help Refugees’ advocacy over the Dubs Amendment and our court case with the Home Office here.

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