Donald Trump has ordered a block on refugees for several months, with a temporary limit on immigration from several Muslim-majority countries


Donald Trump has signed executive orders that temporarily limit immigration from Syria and several other majority-Muslim countries, and block all refugees to the US for several months whilst the vetting process is strengthened.

Help Refugees are deeply concerned, refugees do not have months to wait – they are feeling war, exploitation and persecution.

Nearly two thirds of all refugees resettled in 2015 were accepted by the US, so the impact of this will be devastating.

Refugees are by definition people seeking sanctuary from some of the most horrific circumstances and it is the duty of compassionate and progressive nations to accept their fair share. Banning refugees on the basis of their religious beliefs is abhorrent

Halting resettlement of refugees will not, contrary to Trump’s assertions, make America safer. On the contrary it will force people into the hands of traffickers and make the vigorous systems currently in place to vet refugees entering the US completely defunct.