Help Refugees are proud to present the project CrossRoads, supported by InterVolve, a non-profit based in SoftexCamp Thessaloniki. CrossRoads is a photography project that was created by Greek photographer Tasos Markon and Lois Simac a photographer from France, encouraging refugees to tell their story through an artistic lens.

Bringing together refugees of multiple nationalities, the project aimed to teach photography to refugees living in Thessaloniki, and give people an outlet to capture what they were experiencing. Through photography, the professional community hoped to empower refugees to share their story, illustrating the harsh conditions and cold weather of Thessaloniki’s tough 2016/17 winter.

CrossRoads have created a platform for refugees to express themselves and communicate how life is really like living in refugee camps. The project has helped foster new exciting relationships between refugee and local communities, and the photographs produced beautifully capture the dynamic working relationships that exist between refugees, aid workers and individuals of local Greek communities.

The artwork is now being assembled into the final story and will be displayed in an exhibition in Thessaloniki later this month; watch this space for further updates.