Containers of Aid

Since the Calais camp closed, we have continued to send aid to Paris and the Dunkirk camp regularly.

We also aim to become a hub for donations, sending a 40ft container of aid per month to Syria, Greece or Lebanon or wherever the need is. 

We are currently looking to send a container to Syria, to an area receiving very little aid at the moment, in the coming weeks, but we need your help. Including all fees, the cost of a 40ft container, packed full of goodness, is around £3,500. Please click here to contribute to the cost of sending containers of aid to wherever needs it most, and share with your networks.

One container left our warehouse on Tuesday, filled with warm clothes for women and children, hygiene products and wood-burning stoves. It is now on its way to our warehouse in Thessaloniki. Greece is far less accessible for donations than Calais and there are around 56,000 displaced people currently living there, around 30,000 of whom are women and children. 

Our most-needed items at the moment are

  • Size S/M/L men’s joggers,
  • S/M men’s hoodies
  • S/M men’s waterproof jackets,
  • Men’s gloves,
  • Men’s underwear
  • Size 28″/30″/32″  men’s jeans.

For the moment we have plenty of excess women and children’s clothes but needs will change quickly so we will update this list regularly. Please email to register deliveries or with donations questions.


We need volunteers to come and help out in the warehouse – if you can only spare a week or two that is still absolutely fantastic. We need lots of support as we adapt our operations. Click here to register. If you have questions about this or if you’d like more details about medium and long-term roles available email


Please click HERE to contribute to the cost of sending containers of aid to GREECE, SYRIA, LEBANON and wherever else needs help!


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