A harvest supper to fuel The Food Project

Ashwood Church's community fundraiser for the Food Project


During the winter months it’s more important than ever for us to what we can to ensure people can have nutritious meals with fresh vegetables. The Food Project gives people the opportunity to prepare and cook their own food, seasoned and flavoured as they like. The simple act of being able to prepare a meal for your family can bring some much-needed normality in what can be incredibly challenging living conditions with little daily stimulation. 


Zoe, one of the event organisers, said:

Our church has a justice group – full of people who are passionate about justice issues around the world. About a year ago we see one of our priorities to be the Refugee Crisis – to pray about it, to highlight the issue to the wider church, and to do what we can to support it. This has involved individual members campaigning but also us writing as a group to our council and MP.


When we got the email through from Help Refugees about the funding for the food project drying up, we were inspired to organise and plan a fundraiser. One of our members, Mandy, is super creative and she came up with an idea to link the fruit and veg thing with harvest, and do a harvest supper. We had the idea that we could encourage the church to bring what they had – what they could offer – and that we could auction that off in a ‘gift auction’.


We were absolutely blown away by the amount people offered – when you combine the bits that everyone can bring you end up with a lot!! We had offers of meals, homemade products, maths lessons, dog walking, cleaning, and our star lot on the night was an original painting by a talented artist in our church, which fetched £250.


On the night in November, around 90 people of all ages gathered for a veg-based supper and the auction. People had paid out already for their tickets, which was already generous, but then everyone was incredibly generous on the night – and really got into the spirit and fun of the auction. It was one of the most successful social evenings the church had put on for a while… there were both church members and their guests. And a wide range of ages from 7-90! 


It was the energy of the justice group that really made it a success, a real team-effort with joint-ownership from people who were passionate to make a difference and put their all into putting on an amazing night!


Ashwood Church's community fundraiser for the Food Project


If you are interested in organising an event at work, at school, with your faith group or with friends check out the community fundraising section of our website and email fundraising@helprefugees.org if you have any questions!


Thank you to the community at Ashwood Church, and to everyone who has contributed to this movement. We couldn’t do what we do, without people like you.