Take action to #CloseTheBarracks

Napier Barracks

Over 7,500 people joined our call for the Barracks to be closed and people to be moved to safe, decent accommodation. While we saw genuine concern and supportive words from some MPs, many continued to defend these indefensible conditions.

We are sorry to say that we have now heard the alarming news that there are plans to move more people into Napier Barracks on the 2nd April.

We simply cannot accept this and we need you help to increase pressure on MPs and ensure that the Government #CloseTheBarracks!

We’re coordinating with a national movement of organisations and are calling for a day of action on 19 March. We’re asking you to follow-up with your MP again and ask for a virtual meeting  to convince them that this cruel and dangerous lack of empathy must stop – and that true, safe housing is the only solution.

You don’t need to be an expert, know the difference between the House of Commons and House of Lords, or have done anything like this before. All you need is a big heart, and to speak from it.

You’ll find all the resources and support you need right here and we’ll run a webinar on the week of the 19th to explain effective ways to talk to your MP.