The response to our Choose Love winter appeal has been incredible. So many of you have been getting involved in organising your own events in your communities.

We have had some fantastic events so far and there are a lot to look forward to during December! You’ve been getting involved with events like pop-up shops, band nights, spoken word events and busking on the street and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Funds raised from our Choose Love Appeal will be focused on winterizing camps in Northern Greece. It has been snowing already and temperatures are dropping rapidly, last week it hit a low of -7.

The families and individuals who make up the estimated 56,000 of refugees in Greece are in desperate need of flooring and adequate shelter, as well as basic amenities like food, clothing and warmth – and we want to provide it.

Help us with our mission by creating your own Choose Love event. Email to receive our Community Fundraising event pack and our Choose Love Winter appeal pack to find out more about what we hope to achieve.

Alternatively, donate directly using the botton in the right hand corner.

And as ever #chooselove