What headline would you love to see?

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Join us and build a newsroom in your living room this weekend. You get to write the headlines – imagine the stories you want to see, and then let’s start working towards making them a reality.


The theme for #RefugeeWeek2020 is Imagine. There is power in imagination. Remember, the future is not decided. A hundred years ago voting equality wasn’t thought possible. But enough people imagined a different sort of world. And we got there.




Print out a blank newspaper, get creative, and share on your socials – let your imagination inspire others. Why not also stick it up to remind yourself every day what you’re fighting for. Then maybe, in a year, or ten, you’ll clear out a draw and you’ll find it, and maybe those dream headlines will have become a reality.


Choose Love DailyWith all our thanks and love to arcstudio.co for the illustration 🧡