#ChooseLove in Ibiza: Cosmic Pineapple’s Community Fundraiser!

An enormous thank you to Kim and the team at Cosmic Pineapple, who organised a fantastic fundraiser for Help Refugees – in Ibiza! We are so grateful to Kim for coordinating such a wonderful event. She has written a summary of it below:


“I started Cosmic Pineapple in March 2014, with the intention of sharing good vibes and information from healers and magic people around the globe.

Choose Love: fundraiser in Ibiza

In 2016, Cosmic Pineapple developed from a website in to a series of charity events in Ibiza. We did four events at Pikes Ibiza, and raised money for different causes in the process. These events were subliminally themed on the elements – earth, air, fire, water.

In 2017, I decided to hold just one event and focus on the fifth element, which is love.

Help Refugees
 is doing beautiful work: I love it when a charity gives people a strong impression of what they do, while they do it.

I had heard of their work, as well as how they are independent and have strong values based on empowering people, communities and humanity. I had also seen the Katharine Hamnett tee shirts, and had bought one a few months ago.


They have already done great things, and I hope that they will be able to continue doing so in the future!

The Cosmic Pineapple LOVE event was really magical. We split the door donations between three different causes – Help Refugees, Love Support Unite and a homeless project in Ibiza.

The LOVE event was like a mini-festival. We had yoga, talks, and dance during the day time, and it evolved in to a party that evening.

In a sense, people were celebrating for a cause, which made it a really special experience. Thank you for your work, and I hope this can go towards helping people in need!”


Help Refugees is so grateful to Kim and all who were involved in this wonderful event! Thank you so, so much to all who gave their time and energy in creating this amazing evening.

If Cosmic Pineapple’s festival of love has inspired you to hold a fundraiser of your own, you’ll find more information on the community fundraising section of our website. There’s plenty of ideas there – why not try an adventurous #ChooseLove challenge, or hold a Christmas event?

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