“Children are putting their lives at risk only because they have exhausted their options: they were promised help and have been deceived. There is a real risk now that they will simply disappear, or freeze to death as the Winter temperatures drop.”

After journeying around France, following the unaccompanied children of ‘The Jungle’, Benjamin Hunter writes in The Independent today detailing the fate of these children since being scattered to accommodation centres around France.

Their future seems dark and with no information being given on their fate, many children are experiencing terrible mental health problems – resorting to self-harm to feel some control over their own lives.

One child told Benjamin “I need my brother. I only want my brother. I will kill myself if I am not with brother.”

“Government minister Edward Timpson said on Thursday during a parliamentary debate that the UK has “moved on from Calais operations”. […] Closed routes and “short term fixes” deny safety to those who come to the shores of Europe carrying only hope on their shoulders. They need safe passage, not pulled drawbridges and state silence. The British government may have “moved on from Calais”, but the children of the Jungle have not.”

Write to Amber Rudd and show her that we have not forgotten the children of Calais, and neither should she.

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