Today in Dunkirk police intimidated and forced refugee families & unaccompanied minors to leave from several gymnasiums to accommodation centres.

In the rush to get people out siblings have been separated, children have not been identified and, inevitably, they are now unaccounted for.

Our volunteers are seriously concerned by the influence of criminal gangs, who have forced many to stay out of state protection, leaving them even more vulnerable. We hope the same MISTAKES OF CALAIS ARE NOT MADE AGAIN. That minors are given due process before they start to run away.

80 children we identified with Safe Passage UK, Dunkirk Legal Support Team and L’auberge des migrants international should have already been in the UK under family reunification. Authorities have identified 60 today, we identified 120-150 unaccompanied minors in the camp last Sunday, ALL of whom require immediate protection. Prior to the incident, authorities only acknowledged 10.

Why have our governments continued to act so slowly when it comes to the rights of vulnerable children? Write to your MP, tag and tweet them. Remind them of their responsibility to protect people with a legal right to live in the UK.

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