Child refugees should be able to join their families after Brexit – but we need to act now.

In a matter of days, MPs will vote on an Amendment that could keep open a vital family reunion route for refugees, including unaccompanied children, after Britain leaves the EU.

Write to your MP asking them to attend, and vote in favour, of Lord Alf Dubs’ new Amendment.

Currently, refugees who reach Europe can request to be reunited with members of their family who are living in another European country. This means that if a lone child arrives to Greece, and they have a close family member living in the UK, they can be safely brought here – without having to take a perilous journey across the continent, sleeping rough and at grave risk of exploitation.

This route has given safe passage to hundreds of unaccompanied children – and in doing so, it has kept them from the hands of exploitative smugglers, and has allowed them to rebuild their lives in the care of their loved ones. Rather than growing up in a refugee camp, they can live in safety with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

But Britain’s exit from the European Union could result in our exit from this scheme – and so, on behalf of unaccompanied children and refugee families, we need your help.

Lord Alf Dubs welcomes unaccompanied refugee children to the UK. Source: Rob Stothard/Getty Images Europe

An Amendment proposed by our dear friend, Lord Alf Dubs, will be debated in the House of Commons in a matter of days. The Amendment will enshrine this route (currently part of the EU’s Dublin III Regulation) in law – and give refugee families, fleeing war and persecution, the chance to rebuild their lives together.

Will you write to your MP, and ask them to vote for Lord Dubs’ Amendment when it comes to the Commons? We’ve written a template you can use. It takes 10 seconds (please add your own comments to make it personal), and could change the fortunes of thousands of families. Please write to your MP today.