Update on Calais court decision to end “inhumane” treatment of refugees

Calais NGOs were invited to meet with the prefecture today so that the state’s plans following the Supreme Court decision for the refugees in the area are announced.

  • The local authority has been told to find locations for a yet unknown number of toilets
  • There will be 2 or 3 showers in the medical centre at the city hospital available for the 600-800 refugees living in Calais. Opening hours are not known as yet.
  • There is no news about where taps providing clean drinking water will be as yet
  • Two additional staff from OFPRA (French agency for refugees) will support the state youth outreach team for daily outreach.
  • However, the capacity of the accommodation for unaccompanied minors will not be increased. The current capacity is 75 and there are roughly 100-200 unaccompanied minors sleeping out in the open around Calais.
  • Adults will be encouraged to go to accommodations centres (CAOs) and there will be daily bus available, transporting them to 2 centres located 80km from Calais. They will have a collective capacity of 165 places. Anyone who goes to these centres will have one week’s grace period. They will then have the opportunity to file an accelerated asylum claim. If they do not wish to ask for asylum in France they will be asked to leave France.

Our team in Calais and our partners continue to work every day to ensure people’s basic needs are met. To support our work there by donating funds please click here.