Calais Kitchens Food Donations

What should I ask for if I run a food collection?


Priority items:
Bags – we REALLY need bags for life as we use 1000’s per week, also 10ltr and 20ltr bags.
Tinned fish (Ring pull if possible)
Tinned tomatoes (large catering tins and small tins)
Tinned chickpeas or kidney beans (large catering tins and small tins)
Cooking oil (large catering bottles and 1ltr bottles)
Split lentils (1kg – 5kg packs – nothing which requires soaking please)
Plain flour (1kg packs)
Rice (large sacks please)
Spaghetti (only this type of pasta please as the sudanese make a pudding out of it!)
Sugar (large sacks and small packs)
UHT Milk (1 litre cartons)
Tea bags (used to make chai tea every day)
Other food we regularly send out or our kitchens cook with:
Cinnamon sticks
Green cardamom pods
Dried Fruit
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Other Essentials
Bags for life / strong bin liners / sandwich bags
Washing up liquid
Bin bags
Tea towels / washing up sponges / wire wool
Fresh fruit and vegetables are always needed so if you have the opportunity to buy fresh fruit while in Calais, this would be greatly appreciated, especially oranges, apples and bananas.
Please bring all donations, large or small to the warehouse, where they will be distributed to the kitchens which are running low on those items.

Community Kitchens

We are supporting a large amount of community kitchens across the camp supplying them with wood and food so camp residents can feed themselves and the communities around them.

You can read more about this project here

For these community kitchens, we are looking for the below items to equip each kitchen.

Fire extinguisher
Fire blanket
Emergency signal – horn
Big metal drums filled with water outside – fire points ­
First aid kit
Set of sharp knifes
Wooden spoons
Serving spoons
Hard plastic: Plates, bowls, cups
Big metal or hard plastic bowls (no glass)
3 x saucepans 10 – 12 litres
Large frying pan non-stick
Small frying pan non-stick
Tin opener
Plastic storage containers for food and equipment with lids 50 litres
Plastic folding storage containers 32l
Water containers or rolling barrels. 50L
Washing up bowl
White board and pens
2 x Buckets
Broom wooden handle / tuff bristles
Dustpan and brush wood and metal
Dish Cloths
Tea Towels
Metal Scrubbers
Washing up Liquid

Please email for more information!