Calais Refugee

Our volunteers have been working under an incredible amount of pressure from the police – volunteers from all organisations working from the Calais hub providing food, blankets, clothes are being treated like criminals. Our distributions are stopped, blocked and interrupted. Volunteers are pushed, verbally intimidated, phones are confiscated. What the incredibly dedicated volunteers do to help vulnerable people is NOT a crime.

It seems to our volunteers the real crimes are seen on the burns on refugee faces from direct use of pepper spray, countless injuries, clothes and bedding destroyed, documents and phones taken, and no protection given to children.

All the while, young boys who cannot shower have bleeding sores on their hands. People observing Ramadan do not have enough food or water for breaking the fast due to blocked distributions. It’s disgraceful.

With police pepper spraying bedding late at night every night, we are running out of sleeping bags and bedding on a daily basis. We desperately need support to keep going, and deliver aid in Calais. 

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