Julie Bonner Calais Court Case June 2017

Yesterday afternoon, the Administrative Tribunal of Lille has ruled in favour of many of our demands in Calais. The City authorities (Mayor’s Office, Prefecture and Conseil Departamental) were ordered to provide the following within ten days or face fines:

– showers, toilets and potable water within reachable distance
– reinforced daily state outreach for unaccompanied minors to access protection
– departures to CAOs (accommodation centres) for refugees in Calais
– food will still have to be provided by associations in the region but distributions should not be hindered

A respite and accommodation centre cannot be opened in Calais however, and no mention was made in relation to allegations of state violence. The judge remarked that minors specifically did not have sufficient access to information, which has deterred them from entering protection.

The City authorities will have to report on their progress within 15 days, and the report will be sent to the Defender of Human Rights who has stood on the side of refugees and NGOs demanding the protection of their rights.

While this ruling is more favourable to us and the other 11 organisations who were acting on behalf of the hundreds of homeless refugees in the area, the city authorities are likely to appeal to the Conseil d’Etat, France’s Administrative Supreme Court.

Special thanks to our brilliant lawyers, who have been on our side for a long time fighting for refugees’ rights – Julie Bonnier and Lionel Crusoe, our invaluable partners L’auberge des migrants international and the other associations Secours Catholique – Caritas France, Utopia 56, Le Réveil Voyageur, Ligue des droits de l’Homme, Salam, Cabane juridique Calais, Platforme Service aux Migrants, La Cimade, Care4Calais & Gynécologie Sans Frontières, thank you!

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