Over the past few weeks we have seen more and more brands coming forwards to #CHOOSELOVE and show their support for refugees in tangible ways, from emergency aid, to employment opportunities.

Today, Ikea announced that they will provide 200 Syrian refugees in camps in Jordan with employment by 2019, creating rugs and textiles. This follows their top design award for their flat-pack refugee shelter which helped thousands.

Other companies and brands have similarly shown support over the past few weeks (in the wake of the news of Trump’s ‘refugee ban’)

* Taxi service Lyft donated a million dollars to ACLU (who were leading the legal challenges against the executive orders)
* Air BnB offered vouchers for free accommodation for refugees affected by the ban
* Starbucks announced they would create 10,000 new jobs for refugees

We also recently announced our exciting new partnership with MOVE Guides who are donating 1% of all revenue this year to our work with refugees.

Last month Patagonia donated warm clothing to our teams in Greece to distribute during the freezing weather

Supporting refugees in a variety of ways demonstrates the ethical values of a company, shows the public and their employers that they aren’t afraid to do the right thing in the face of suffering and injustice, and of course, provides a little extra publicity and an image boost for the brand itself!

If your company would like to talk to us about how you can support refugees this year please email us on