Baloo’s Youth Centre – the Typewriter Series #1

One of the organisations we support in the Calais refugee camp is Baloo’s Youth Centre. This organisation provides a safe place for boys aged 12 – 18 to relax and learn while they live in the camp. The team is running a project called the ‘Typewriter Series’ in which the boys are given access to a typewriter and are then able to anonymously share some of their experiences. This is the first post from the series.

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Climbing the fence

trains just really hard
in the i didn’t climb over i got in the rtruck then they took me to the train station then they catch me.
better to get small car.
a small car was close i got in behind of the small car.
i sleep in the back of the car. the truck was full of six cars.
i watched the doors. i thought one door will be open then i will get in the car then inchala i will get to london.
then when i go to the truck security was just right there.
they were seeing us.
we don’t know where it is isit that is it that.

then i was down in the car the driver start his engine.
i can get down like becaused basically they had guards.
the guards find me.
i thought it will be good direct to london.
my friend said the truck with small cars is a good way to get to london.
there was three checkpoints i passed them all, the scanner.
another truck comes to my left side.
and he had seen me earlier and he said to my driver there is a boy, you have to call security.
and then they take me after that to the train station for three or four hours.
there was another boy he was african.
he asked me why are you trying to go to england.
and i said i want to be a football star.
i don’t be successful in kabul.
in our world, my friends just play cricket.

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