The Government is lying to us, and we refuse to let them get away with it.

According to Andy Elvin, Chief Executive of Adolescent and Children’s Trust, there are “HUNDREDS of placements around the UK if [the home office] wanted them, they just didn’t want it” for child refugees across Europe.

Watch the clip of Andy Elvin here.

This is unacceptable. On Tuesday MPs vote on whether to reopen the Dubs Amendment for children in Europe. We need to make sure they know we are watching and waiting for them to amend their shameful decision to neglect those we are clearly able to help.

Write to your MP and let them know where you stand –

Help Refugees have written a template letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd. You can find that here and adapt it to send it to your MP…/letters-amber-rudd-postbug/

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