An update on Mohammed – he now has his new electric wheelchair, thanks to you!

Some good news to share with you all!

Last week we told you about Mohammed, a bright young man from Syria, who had lost both his legs in an air strike. His uncles and friends carried him to Germany. Mo’s parents are still in Syria.

All Mo was asking for was a wheelchair so that he could be mobile again. He got in touch with Peter Bouckaert who shared Mo’s plea online where it was brought to our attention here at Help Refugees. We instantly stepped in to help and bought one for him.

Last night, we got sent this photo of Mo in his new electric wheelchair!


It’s with your donations that we were able to step in and help this smart brave human being. We are just so glad we got to help you Mo!

Please keep donating so we can help more people like Mo, who have fled their countries and give them some hope for the future.

The Help Refugees Team.



Photo by Derek Hudson

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