An Update From Lliana On The Past Week as Our Aid Reaches Greece/ Macedonia & Calais

Dear all, just want to take a moment to update you all of some of our activities but most of all to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the donations, volunteers, help, love and support you’ve all given us.

This last week has been so incredible, and best of all we’ve seen some real tangible results to all the hard work that’s been going since this all began (with small ambitions but high hopes…)

Last Thursday we packed up and waved goodbye to an Arctic Lorry full to the brim of food, shoes, rucksacks, toiletries, baby food, nappies, tents, sleeping bags and everything else we were told was desperately needed on the Greece/Macedonia border where thousands of people (refugees) are.

I won’t pretend there weren’t hiccups (from banks stopping payments, to suddenly being faced with no pallets…something I didn’t even know existed more than a week ago)…but with a strong team, some incredibly kind companies/brands donating (Rogers Removals, Raja Packaging and Tescos for the emergency packaging, Dominos Pizzas for feeding us all and the ever generous Big Yellow Storage) and most of all about 40 of the best volunteers ever, we did it! Waving the lorry off alongside Josie, Dawn and all of our amazing team was a moment I’ll never forget. Our wonderful lorry driver arrived at it’s destination on Thursday where…..a Greek kick boxing team met it to unpack it all into a waiting store room (I know….you couldn’t write this stuff!)

We will continue to post photos and updates from the border where our aid has arrived, since one of our team (Heydon Prowse) flew out there to oversee operations.

Speaking of which, last Wednesday Heydon flew to the Greek island of Kos, where he used some of the money you donated to buy food and shoes to give out to the refugees arriving by boat with nothing which you can read all about in Heydon’s Guardian article (see previous post)

Meanwhile our plans for Calais continue. We now have Ash on board (who once ran logistics for a women’s prison…no biggy..) running the logistics our end (for free of course, everyone’s a volunteer here), and this week we sent off another lorry (thank you Theme Traders!) to the warehouse in Calais which we just signed for alongside the amazing charity there, Auberge des Migrants. Phew.

We have all spent time out in the Jungle this week, continuing to make friends, connections, and plans, and we will update you on that all very shortly, but for now huge love and thanks going to Philli who continues to work so very hard out in Calais, alongside Maya and Francois from Auberge des Migrants.

There’s so so much more to tell you, but for now we just wanted to make sure you know what’s happening our end and the progress being made. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. None of this would be happening without all of YOU