Air strike destroys Help Refugees ambulance in Syria


Some months ago we asked you to help us to buy ambulances to send to Syria to be used by the White Helmets (since nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize) in their incredible life saving work, pulling people from the rubble following air strikes. Thanks to your generosity (and that of Atlas Properties, VARO partners and an anonymous private donor), we were able to buy and deliver two ambulances to the White Helmets.

Since then these ambulances have saved countless lives.

Yet today we have received the terrible news that one of these ambulances has been destroyed in Idlib by a Russian air strike.

Luckily there was no loss of life and no one was hurt. But it seems consistent with reports of the systematic targeting of medical facilities and infrastructure in opposition areas by the Syrian government and their Russian allies over the past few weeks.

Our thoughts remain with the victims of the countless other air strikes, including White Helmet Mohammed Abu Saleh, killed in Hama today while clearing cluster munitions. For the people of Syria occurrences like this are an every day reality.

We have started a new fund to buy a new ambulance for the White Helmets to continue their vital and life saving work in Syria. To donate please click here:

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