We have funded a school bus to travel around Lebanon providing lessons for children and health classes for parents

The Salam LADC سلام school bus, supported by Help Refugees and The Breteau Foundation has been operating for two full months now, running classes which incorporate literacy and numeracy at informal schools within settlements, and one orphanage, in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon.

The bus team works with teachers from the schools and uses tablets with educational applications to reinforce their weekly lesson plans.

They have now started to run a programme of health awareness and promotion sessions in the afternoons at informal settlements. A Lebanese nurse, employed to work on the project, last week carried out sessions with 45 women, discussing signs, symptoms and basic prevention techniques for the cold and flu. The groups of women who attended are looking forward to their next sessions and have made requests for health-based topics that they would like more information and advice on.

Whilst the women are taking part in sessions inside the bus volunteers run play with purpose sessions in the tented structure attached to the bus to keep the kids busy. We are employing a local Lebanese team to work on the bus means that it can run sustainable programmes, providing consistent support to displaced people, most of whom are from Syria, living in the Bekaa Valley.