200 half marathons in 200 days to Help Refugees

Graham Grout has just successfully completed his running challenge target to run 200 half marathons in 200 days. He has run over 2,700 miles.

Running the equivalent of the distance from Aleppo in Syria to Bristol where he lives, Graham ran in support of the millions of Syrian people currently displaced by war.

Graham decided to take on the challenge, under the name ‘Running from Aleppo’, following a trip to Northern Greece where he volunteered in a refugee camp hosting over 600 Syrian refugees.

2,700 miles is the equivalent of the journey from Aleppo across Turkey, through Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and across the Channel to UK and on to Bristol.

Graham said: “During my trip to Nea Kavala refugee camp in Greece in January I met hundreds of men, women and children who have been forced to flee their homes and seek safety elsewhere due to the war in Syria.

“After returning home I was keen to do something to raise awareness of this huge humanitarian crisis we are facing, and to raise funds to support Help Refugees.

“I was more of a recreational runner when I took on the challenge. I didn’t tell many people about it at first as I genuinely thought that after the first week I would have ground to a halt. I can hardly believe that I’ve now actually completed the challenge.”

To support Running From Aleppo and donate to Help Refugees, please click here.

Find out how you can take on a sponsored challenge to raise funds to Help Refugees here.

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