Through our operating partners SB Overseas, Help Refugees and the Breteau Foundation have been proud to cover the entirety of funding costs for the Education and Empowerment Centre in the Orso Shelter Saida.

The school works to provide one-to-one psychological support services, children’s educational classes as well as vocational skills programmes for the female members of Saida’s refugee community.

Working to empower women and the children, the Education and Empowerment Centre strives to equip the most vulnerable members of the community with the tools that enable them to prosper. The Education and Empowerment Shelter strives to fill the gaps in knowledge, the missing skills as well as works to overcome the terms of missed curriculum that has arisen as a consequence of years of conflict and displacement.

For women who disproportionately bear communal and familial responsibilities, the struggle to find sufficient money to buy food and to pay rent for themselves and their family only intensifies the difficulty of displacement.

The vocational skills programmes offered at Saida’s Educational and Empowerment Centre ensure that women feel safe in a close and communicative space, supporting them as they seek to access the opportunities available across the Lebanese labour market.

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