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Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees per capita in the world: the number of Syrian refugees it is hosting stands at approximately 1.5 million, according to UNHCR, and there are now approximately 20,000 additional refugees of different origin, including Iraqi and Sudanese, as well as hundreds of thousands of long-term Palestinian refugees and asylum-seekers. UN reports state that 80% of the 215,000 Syrian households in Lebanon are existing below the poverty line and more than half live in substandard conditions in overcrowded buildings and abandoned warehouses. Amnesty International has reported that Syrian refugees within Lebanon are experiencing an “increasingly hostile and xenophobic environment”.


Choose Love provides immediate, flexible support to grassroots organisations working to relieve the stress and anxiety experienced by thousands of refugees in Lebanon every day. Our partners provide support to displaced people who are living in different locations across the country, from camps in the middle of the Bekaa Valley to more official housing in cities. They run everything from vocational classes in coding and literacy skills to distribution systems for basic necessities, such as drinking water and cooking oil. We aim to support our partners as much as we can to ensure that their communities have access to the essentials items and services needed to feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Empowerment for women

Choose Love funds Women Now for Development’s women’s centre, which runs programmes promoting empowerment and education for Lebanese and Syrian women. More


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