Find out about our work with refugees living in Lebanon.

Since 2011, Lebanon has received over 1.07 million Syrian refugees, absorbing 25% of Syria’s national population. Lebanon currently has the highest density of refugees in the world.

Due to the “no camp” policy adopted by the government of Lebanon, there are no formal refugee camps in the country. Syrian refugees find themselves scattered in more than 1700 localities living in a variety of empty warehouses and tented settlements. Help Refugees provide instant financial assistance to grassroot organisations working to relieve stress and reduce the anxiety experienced by thousands of refugees on an everyday basis. Creating educational and vocational opportunities that empower and support the displaced population as they embark on the difficult road to recovery.

Supporting both SB Overseas and Salam LADC, the Help Refugees approach in Lebanon is two-fold; seeking to meet the immediate needs in times of crisis as well as working to fund long-term capacity building ventures; community projects that help to promote social integration and sustainable livelihoods for the struggling displaced population.

Collaborating closely with our implementing partners, Help Refugees are committed to an approach that engages local communities and works to sensitively sidestep the social tensions and ethnic prejudices at risk of escalation within Lebanese host communities. Striving to support refugees and local communities, we seek to show how the invitation and integration of displaced peoples within national economies and local communities can bring about lasting benefits to all.

Special thanks to the Breteau Foundation for supporting our work in Lebanon.

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