Since ISIS militias took over and destroyed their homes, women who survived the ordeal still live with the consequences, under the immense pressure of trauma, remembering the destruction and much too often the horrific abuse.

Located in the Kurdish region of Duhok, Northern Iraq, our partners The Lotus Flower  provide a sanctuary for the women who have survived ISIS captivity.

The Lotus Flower work on the foundation of empowerment, giving women the chance and the skills for women to have agency over their own lives. By setting up ‘Sewing Sisters’, a vocational programme enabling women to learn intricate textile as well as business management skills in the garment production industry, they are seeing women’s lives transform, becoming independent, self-reliant and empowered. They form partnerships with local organisations as well as business ties, and currently produce the uniforms of several for nearby schools in the region.

The Lotus Flower enables women to be financially self-reliant, building up their confidence, resilience and ability to heal past trauma, realising their great potential as survivors, rather than just victims. For these reasons, we are so proud to call them our partners and see the impact of their amazing work.

To find out more about The Lotus Flower’s work, click here.

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