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Early 2014 marked the rise of fundamentalist militant groups in Northern Iraq. In June 2014, ISIS militants took control of Mosul, forcing thousands of innocent civilians to flee their homes, after horrific persecution of religious and ethnic minorities. While in March 2017, the eastern part of the city was regained by Iraqi security forces, the western part of the city is still under siege.

In 2017, ISIS, known as Daesh in the region, are still ravaging the ancient city of Mosul, continuing widespread atrocities across the region. Iraqi Kurdistan, is now home to over 1 Million internally displaced people. Men, women and children are forced to make a new life for themselves in overcrowded make-shift camps, mostly in the regions of Erbil and Duhok where Help Refugees are working.

The Iraqi government regularly express their struggle to cope with the scale of displacement; services are overstretched and the scarcity of resources case increasing desperation and tension among communities.

Help Refugees cannot stop the fighting. But with our partners on the ground, the Lotus Flower and AdventistHelp, we can work to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people who have been displaced by terror and war. By providing emergency medical assistance on the frontline, creating safe spaces and opportunities for survivors, Help Refugees seek to restore dignity and hope, provide practical solutions, and empower those affected.

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