Get the latest needs list in full so you know what to bring to Greece.

As more refugees are being transferred to the mainland and other organisations continue to leave our warehouse is struggling to keep up.

We currently have next to no men’s clothes or shoes, making it extremely  difficult for social shops and camp projects working to give back peoples dignity and offer choice.

Being the largest Volunteer NGO in the region your support means we can continue to support over 10,000 refugees through more than 40 projects.


We are able to receive containers immediately so long as groups meet the following requirements:

  • All goods must be accounted for on a packing list attached to every container received.
  • All goods are required to be sent on pallets.
  • Confirmation of these requirements must be provided before goods are transported.
  • Contact Alex on to arrange dates and details.

The most needed items needed are as follows, in order of priority:

– Men’s Small/Medium T-Shirts
– Men’s Small/Medium long sleeve tops
– Men’s Small/Medium Jackets
– Men’s Small/Medium Jumpers
– Men’s Boots and trainers
– Men’s socks and underwear
– All other men’s items

– Women’s dresses and joggers
– Women’s trainers and boots


– Shampoo
– Shower gel
– Wet wipes
– Razors
– Other personal hygiene items


Please note that your donations MUST be sorted – if any items are damaged, soiled or inappropriate for distribution, they will create an enormous amount of waste, which delays vital aid reaching the refugees. To efficiently sort your donations, please separate them into type eg blankets separate from clothing. Clothing and shoes will need to be separated (and then packed and accordingly labelled) by gender, size and type. For instance men’s M jumpers separate from the S. Women’s size 39 boots separate from women’s size 40 trainers, waterproof coats, separate from non-waterproof coats.

This saves the incredibly hard-working warehouse volunteers so much time and allows us to get the donations to the refugees considerably more quickly and more efficiently.

If you would prefer to make a donation, please donate here.

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