Refugee camps aren’t good places to live. Often unsafe and unsanitary, these spaces cannot be a long-term solution to the refugee crisis in Europe.

We know this is especially the case for women, children, families and other vulnerable groups. So we’re funding a variety of projects that provide housing, safe spaces and access to services. Providing essential services and a place to call home, these projects give people the opportunity to start the long process of getting back on their feet and rebuilding their lives.

In Athens, we support Jafra and Orange House. In Thessaloniki, Filoxenia. Residents in these housing projects are much more closely supported than they would be living in camps. Their individual needs are met by on-site caseworkers or by services provided in collaboration with other projects. This includes a range of psychological and legal support, language lessons and stimulating activities for children.

The support these projects provide mean that people are either better prepared to take the next step towards relocation in another EU country, or well-placed to begin integrating into their local community.

The journey from fleeing conflict to being able to put down roots and rebuild is a long and difficult one. We’re here to provide support at every stage.

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