We know it’s just fruit and veg. But for thousands of refugees stuck in Greece, it’s also small but important step in restoring independence and making life feel a little more normal.

Across refugee camps in Greece, tasty, nutritious food is hard to come by. Military rations and cash allowances are often substandard, and residents’ lack of funds mean their options to supplement these meals are limited. Eating this low-quality, unfamiliar food is demoralising. But more than this, it’s a hindrance to health, especially in the development of babies and children.

The Food Project is based on a simple idea. By providing fresh fruit, vegetables and dry food, we can improve the diet of camp residents, while supporting them to live more independently. To enable people can cook the food they want to eat. Food that’s familiar, healthy and homely.

In a six-month period last year, we funded the distribution of over 150,000 packages of fresh fruit and veg across 17 refugee camps.

This is no small-scale operation. Every day our volunteer teams work flat-out to provide this vital service. A good meal provides more than just sustenance. It gives a sense of normality, of routine; it brings people together.

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