Find out about our projects in Greece as big NGOs pull out of the country

Since we funded 30 doctors to go to Lesbos to deal with the huge influx of people coming to the islands in October 2015, Help Refugees has played a pivotal role in responding to the crisis in Greece.

We support a wide range of grassroots projects, from enabling the life-saving work of a rescue boat to providing hundreds of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to refugee camps, to getting the most vulnerable people out of these camps and into proper homes.

Alongside supporting the work of groups in the region, we manage a warehouse, a volunteer hub and a project space near Thessaloniki. Supporting a busy kitchen, workshop and fresh food project, the warehouse provides a space for collaboration, bringing together grassroots volunteers, NGOs and local communities.

With many large NGOs beginning to withdraw from the country, the future for refugees in Greece is uncertain. But as always, we’re ensuring we have the skills, resources and people to continue providing aid and essential services where they’re needed most.

Now, more than ever, we need your support. Help Refugees is funded by everyday people like you. To donate now to help refugees in Greece, click here.

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