Have you wanted to make a difference in the refugee crisis but haven’t known how to? You can help raise funds to Choose Love at Uni.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

– Gig or Club night – Approach your favourite local DJs and venues or student union and organise a fundraising club night/ gig
– Fancy dress day: Have a themed dress-up day or night at uni. Pick a theme or let people use their imaginations
– Karaoke night: team up with the union or a local student bar or pub and charge people a few pounds per song to perform their favourite karaoke anthems
– Bake sale: Our friends at Cookie Girl have all the know-how to help you create the perfect bake sale. Visit the site here for more info and to download the bake4refugees pack
– Your University’s Got Talent: tell jokes, show off your vocals or breakdance while raising funds
Student societies: universities have loads of existing societies who might be interested in partnering with Choose Love – contact your uni’s RAG, Student Action for Refugees (STAR) or any similar societies to discuss possible ideas for collaborations, collections or fundraising opportunities.
– Sponsored group activities: like a sleep-out. Organise a night camping or sleeping outside on campus or at home. Bring speakers, instruments, circus tricks and food, and get everyone to donate a bit of cash for the pleasure. If the camping gear is in good condition, consider donating it afterwards!

Here are some questions and pointers to help you start to plan your fundraising event:

1. WHO

Who will you invite, who will you involve? You could get a group together to pool ideas and networks and to help organising the event.


At the student union? A venue nearby; a bar, theatre or cafe? Speak to local businesses  – if you need somewhere to hold your event, see if you can get it for free. Also see if anyone would be willing to supply food, drink or music – there are plenty of people who will want to help if you ask!


Pick a date and time when the maximum number of people will be free, and far enough in advance that they won’t have plans yet.


If you’re ready to go, set up your fundraiser here.


– Will you charge for tickets? If so how much?

– Start sharing your fundraising page before the event starts. You can start sharing news, facts, films and photos in the run-up on your Facebook event page, including a link to donate.
How about holding a raffle, tombola or auction? Again, you can ask people in your network to donate goods, experiences or services. This also makes a fun addition to lots of events.

– Buy a couple of donation buckets, attach a Choose Love sticker and charge some willing friends with standing by the entrance greeting guests and holding the buckets.

– You could buy a selection of Choose Love tees before the event and sell them there. Make sure you keep one for yourself to wear on the day!

– Get some badges or stickers made with our logo – cheap and easy item to sell

– What about creating a fun photo booth and charging people for prints of their pics?

Set up your fundraiser now if you’re ready to go!

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