Children are the future – but that doesn’t mean they can’t get started with fundraising today!

There’s nothing we love more than seeing kids raise funds at school. If your child wants to raise funds, look no further!

Here are some tips to get started:

– Own-clothes day: ask your kids’ school to make Choose Love the charity of choice for a good old-fashioned mufty day with an optional donation.

– Bake sale: our friends at Cookie Girl have all the know-how to help you create the perfect bake sale. Visit the site here for more info and to download the bake4refugees pack

– Talent show: give the kids chance to show off their budding talents with a show where parents are invited to attend for a small optional donation

– Ask your kids’ school to make Choose Love their chosen charity for the term or the year. We can help them organise awareness-raising assemblies and collections of the most-needed items!

If you’re ready to go, set up your fundraiser here!

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