Help Refugees is a refugee charity with minimal overheads and maximum impact.

We help where the need is greatest. Flexible and fast in our response to the genuine needs of refugees, we fill gaps and act where big NGOs and governments don’t.

94% of your donations go directly towards supporting refugees across Europe and the Middle East.

– We are among the most efficient refugee charities in the UK
– We’ve had thousands of volunteers
– We’re funded by people like you
– We don’t have any highly paid executives
– We’re a group of everyday people
– We provide vital aid to people fleeing war, persecution and poverty

“Help Refugees have fed the hungry and housed the homeless, and there are people living now thanks to them who would otherwise be dead.”

The Guardian

Our history

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Our values

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What we do

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Our partners

One week's worth of fresh fruit and vegetables for a refugee in Greece
Keep someone sleeping rough in Calais warm with a sleeping bag
Medical treatment for ten people in Syria for one month
A phone and two months' credit for an unaccompanied minor
Keep a rescue boat at sea for a day & save 7 lives
Wheelchair for an injured White Helmet responder in Syria

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