Help Refugees isn’t just another NGO. Find out what our values are – and why each one defines what we do.

We are Help Refugees. We strive to ensure that we do no harm to those whose lives we touch. We always want our impact to be positive and will always work towards making it this way. Our aim is that those we assist are able to say that their lives (and prospects) have been improved by permitting us to assist them, by bringing them dignity, hope, respect and humanity.

We believe in…

Human dignity

We believe in treating everyone with humanity and respect.

Acting quickly

We move fast to help where the need is greatest.

Refugee family in Greece

Building community

We always prioritise working with local organisations and refugees themselves.

Help Refugees at Refugees Welcome march

Speaking out

We speak out against injustice. We believe in advocating for long term change.

Volunteer teaching refugee girl in camp

Empowering people

We aim to enable refugees to take control over their lives with our work.

Staying independent

We will always be an independent organisation, funded by people like you.