Choose Love is an organisation with minimal overheads and maximum impact

We help where the need is greatest.

We are pioneering a new movement in humanitarian aid: fast, flexible, and transparent.

We get your funds to the people who need them most as quickly as possible. 89% of your donations go directly towards supporting refugees.

– We are among the most efficient refugee charities in Europe
– We’ve had thousands of volunteers
– We’re funded by people like you
– We don’t have any highly paid executives
– We provide vital aid to people fleeing war, persecution and climate change
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“Help Refugees have fed the hungry and housed the homeless, and there are people living now thanks to them who would otherwise be dead.”

The Guardian

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Choose Love started as nothing more than a hashtag in August 2015. A group of friends wanted to raise and fill a van full of donations to take down to Calais. Within a week, we had raised $86,000/£56,000. We were soon receiving 7,000 items every day.

Fast forward five years and we now support over 120 projects across Europe, the Middle East and on the US-Mexico border. We take a fieldwork-first approach to aid, establishing local networks and working with local partners to deliver projects. Our work has now reached over one million people – all powered by the hard work, dedication and love of over 35,000 volunteers.

We believe in…

Human dignity

We believe in treating everyone with humanity and respect.


Building community

We always prioritise working with local organisations and refugees themselves.

Acting quickly

We move fast to help where the need is greatest. Minimal red tape or bureaucracy.


Speaking out

We speak out against injustice. We believe in advocating for long term change.

Empowering people

We aim to enable refugees to take control over their lives with our work.


Staying independent

We will always be an independent organisation, funded by people like you.