We act fast to help the people who need it most.

No highly paid executives. No big fundraising budgets. Just people helping people.

We are pioneers in a new movement in
humanitarian aid: fast, flexible, and transparent.

Help Refugees goes where the need is greatest. We fill the gaps and act where others won’t. Sometimes that means Search & Rescue boats. Sometimes it means providing food or safe, secure long-term housing. Since 2015, we’ve supported over 80 incredible projects and helped almost 1 million people.

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Refugees: The truth

Separate fact from fiction with our top ten stats on refugees and displaced people.  Get to know

Syria: Get to know

What you need to know about the Syrian conflict and refugee crisis. More

You don’t need permission to make a difference

Whether you can fundraise, donate funds, protest or volunteer abroad or at home, we need you! This is a movement of everyday people just like you, so take action today and get involved!

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